• Formats for Peace Builder & Soulful Leader

Learn in special formats to be and act consciously, in order to peacefully lead others and open spaces for constructive and common exchange.

People of Color in Business

Workshops and courses for people of color and especially Black people or Women* of Color (in leading positions) create a community space to open up, to heal and to gain strength.

Culture, Health, Social Work

Retreats and seminars for social entrepreneurs and leaders from the fields of CSR, human resources, health departments and social work.


Workshops for leaders working in social activism, addressing the topics of self care, resilience, inner positioning, vision building and the capacity to build peaceful relationships and nourishing learning environments.

  • Unfold your potential as a peaceful leader

Peace Talk

Peace Talk is a Zoom space I create every Monday between 7pm and 8:30pm. It is designed for people interested in peace, in the development of inner peace, in peaceful working and co-living environments and approaches of peaceful conflict solving.

We talk, meditate and experience a peaceful exchange as a group, while finding new perspectives on peace.

Feel free to register for the upcoming Peace Talks:

1:1 Sessions

My 1:1 Coaching for leaders and peace builders addresses your leadership personality, helps you express in a strong and authentic way and open up to create and foster spaces that contribute to peace.

I provide you with all my knowledge from more than 10 years of workshops, consultancy and further trainings in diversity oriented organisational development, train the trainer (NLP), energetic coaching and Kan Yu soulful meditation teaching. In my coachings I only offer individual approaches and solutions, that are as unique as you.

Peaceful Business Mentoring

As a person in leading positions and/or with social responsibility you might long for a professional supervision and an external view on your role (i.e. as a person of color) in several constellations, the existing team dynamics or your evolution as a leader.

Maybe you are also looking for ways to effectively bring your strengths into place and at the same time foster peaceful work environments.

Through this mentoring I accompany you with my whole knowledge, you gain space for yourself, reconnect, reflect, evolve and show more of yourself.

The goal of the peaceful business mentoring is the integration of approaches and accesses, that help you on a daily basis to reach your goals and at the same time stay true to yourself and your principles.

3 months | 6 months | 12 months

Soulful Leader Research and Meditation Program (german)

The actual times are challenging leadership skills in unexpected ways. Dedicated meditation techniques can help leaders trustfully guide their teams through the crisis and foster (digital) work environments of mutual support and innovation.

In cooperation with the department of social psychology of Goethe University Frankfurt, we start a research project, measuring the effects of mindful based meditation practices on leadership skills and team collaboration.

Leaders gain access to an 8 week online meditation program in German and will be invited to participate in the survey and the meditation training.

Who can participate?

Leaders with at least 1-2 team members, that can participate in the survey. (Team data will be collected as well).

For more information on how to participate in the program and contact details, please visit

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Need some advice on where to start your peaceful journey or looking for a special format, a workshop for your company or team?

Pick a calldate with me and I `ll help you find the right format for your needs.

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