• Hold peaceful spaces

Learn how to develop your skills and energy management in order to hold peaceful spaces for others.

People of Color

Workshops for people of color and especially Black people or Women* of Color in the field of Self Care, Inner Peace and group work,that build a community space to open up, help you heal and gain strength and good coping strategies.

Culture, Health, Social Workers

Retreats for leaders from the field of CSR, human ressources, health departments and social work, where they can reflect their leadership positions and learn how to build stronger groups and purpose driven dynamics around them at their workplaces.


Workshops for leaders working in social activism, to help you establish self care strategies, resilience and a good capacity of building peaceful relationships and nourishing learning environments.

Actual dates

Women* of Color

The Self Care Workshop for Women* of Color is a safer space, where Women* of Color, who work a lot with groups or are at leading positions, can exchange, recharge and find intelligent approaches to energy management, dealing with emotional stress and becoming more resilient.

Next Date: 17.10.20 in Berlin

Actists & Space Holder

The Self Care Workshop for Activists and Space Holder is a learning space for people, who work a lot with groups or are at leading positions. We address topics as managing conflicts and dealing with emotional reaction patterns as well as consciously cleaning the energy system to be more resilient and balanced.

Next Date: 31.10.20 in Berlin

Take a shortcut with my 1:1 Sessions

As a leader and/or socially responsible person, you might want to get a supervision and external view on your team dynamics and evolution as well as your role in leadership. My coachings address your leadership personality and help you establish your personal approach on peaceful space holding and leadership.

Pick a calldate with me and I `ll help you find the right format for your needs.

Basics of holding spaces

How can you help your team connect, from heart to heart?

How can you build a space, where people can trust each other, open up and co-create?

In special workshops for space holders, I teach you the basics of energetic space holding such as building up the space based on love, orienting the energies towards the common vision and including everybody in a peaceful way.

The formats are talks, (online) workshops and coaching sessions for space holders.

Some of the companies I worked for…


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Need some advice on where to start your peaceful journey or looking for a special format, a workshop for your company or team?

Pick a calldate with me and I `ll help you find the right format for your needs.