• Trainings & dialogue formats for peaceful encounters

Holy Peace!
New perspectives on our togetherness.

More than ever we humans thrive for peace. All over the world, at our workplaces, in our relationships and most importantly within ourselves.

Invite this universal force into your life and begin to unfold peace from within yourself.

for you

Through Soulful Meditation you build a conscious inner connection. This helps you to be grounded and centered.

formats for your peace

as a space holder

You learn how to perceive and manage energetic inner and outer spaces, so that they can shine bright and nourish you and your surrounding back.

formats for leaders

with a great team

Through reflection, inner work and exchange, your team untaps the potentials of a sustainable peaceful presence and peaceful relationships.

formats for teams

About Me

My studies and working experience in different startups as a team lead for communication taught me the challenges of peaceful and soulful leadership.

Working as a communication consultant, I discovered Soulful Meditation 8 years ago and made a training as a meditation teacher.

I developed formats that help leaders and teams easily and peacefully connect to themselves, their vision and their team.

Do you feel me?

My private clients mostly work in leading positions or regularly interact with groups as instructors, trainers, cultural or artistic creators.

My business customers aim to help their teams become more resilient and thrive to truly put humanity first.

How about you?

Some of the companies I worked for…