• Peaceful Change & Diversity Orientation

    Formats that raise changeability
    within your team

Change processes are typically connected with fears und uncertainty.

Considering diversity orientiation as a change process, helps organisations effectively address the inner and human effects in dedicated spaces. Like this your team can take on a constructive positioning towards diversity orientiation and actively involve into the creation of non-discriminating spaces for all.


Social change needs human consciousness and connection. We need to understand the link between ourselves and the change process, in order to be able to support it.

This also means that we should be able to express fears and find ressources to overcome uncertainties.


Knowing our inner ressources and the ressources within a team helps us build trust in our capacity to change together.

The better we understand patterns of emotional reactions typically involved in change processes, like diversity orientation, the better we can overcome them and build working spaces of trust and mutual understanding.


Teams during change processes need a vision for change in order to refer to a common goal and gain the strength and the understanding of the importance of change on a personal, organisational and societal level.

Being connected to that vision helps teams gain a wider and more constructive perspective on diversity orientation.


Diversity Basics

What does diversity and anti-discrimination mean? Why does it make sense and strengthen the team to address this topic?

Vision for Diversity

What are we heading to? Which kind of togetherness as a team are we wishing to build?

Discrimination and language

Language: Self-denomination, definitions and important terms

Dimensions of Diversity

Which forms of discrimination exist? What does positioning mean on a personal and team level?

Default and norms

Learnt patterns of discrimination, antiracism, reflection on whiteness, bias and socialisation.

Traps and Best Practices

Tokenism, Exposition, Safe Spaces and how to be a good ally.

Dealing with fears

Dealing with fears and uncertainty. Developing an open inner positioning.

Conscious exchange

Sharpening the perception and consciousness of a diversity oriented exchange. What to do in case of discrimination?

Dealing with emotions

Dealing with conflicts. Inner positioning and constructive criticism.

  • Deep Talk GesellschaftSEIN @Mhp Lab, Pic Consuelo Guijarro



Moderated dialogue formats for your team help them open up and discuss their fears and find solutions for a trustful change towards diversity orientation. They also serve to discuss and find a common vision regarding diversity orientation.

The dialogue formats are like small barcamps beginning with a short mindfulness excercise. The team members can bring in quetions they want to discuss and can form smaller groups to work based in their personal preferences. Usually the so called Deep Talks last 3 hours for a maximum of 25 participants per moderator.


In workshops for conflict management and resilience the team members learn, what their personal patterns of reaction are under stress and in situations of uncertainty and change (i.e. confrontation with their own discriminating behaviour).

They learn and practice techniques to ground themselves and connect with their inner ressources in order to stay constructive and open for feedback in situations, where they typically tend to react emotionally and / or feel offended. Like this they actively contribute to a constructive learning surrounding which is an important part of diversity orientation.

online sessions

The change process will be accompanied by regular online sessions in which the employees can excercise their learnings, but also find space to exchange and talk about their actual challenges.

They can be held as short online seminars of 1,5-3 hours addressing different topics, like reflecting the language, how to ask for feedback, reconnecting to the vision of change and finding the personal approach within it,…

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