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Who is Mashanti? –
Let me quickly introduce myself.

I am a critical, optimistic and enthusiastic change maker.

I meditate at a daily base and laugh quite a lot about myself and life.

I am a proud Black woman with Rumanian roots and feel as a citizen of the world. I live in Berlin-Kreuzberg, sometimes love it and sometimes freak out about it. I speak 5 languages and often think of networks and snowball effects when reflecting communication between humans and change through human consciousness.

Where I come from.

I have a background in communication and economics. My first jobs where in the Berlin Startup environment, where I soon became a team lead for communication and costumer aquisition.

After 3 years of employment I became an independant communication consultant and at the same time discovered Soulful Meditation, Integral Consciousness and Kan Yu, an ancient teaching of deep consciousness by Kun Ya Andrea Schmidt.

I started applying my learnings from meditation into my work with customers and made a training to become a Soulful Meditation teacher.

I am the Co-Founder of GesellschaftSEIN, a social startup giving a platform to humanity in the future, of MyUrbanology, a platform for Black People and People of Colour in Germany and of DE_CONSTRUCT,  platform raising racism awareness amongst experts.

Where I am heading.

In all my projects, I aim to build spaces, where we humans can connect, develop, co-create and build a more sustainable and human-friendly future.

All this change starts within ourselves. Thats why I apply my Meditation knowledge to almost all my formats, so that human connection becomes something felt and discovered in the moment.

My vision is that many people in responsible positions learn how to consciously build peaceful spaces within themselves and for others. So that many (work)places and people become sources of peace and unite into peaceful networks and a great field of worldwide peace that nourishes us.


Peace is the centre of my work, my being and the ultimate goal of all my activities.

Despite many ideas of what peace means, I am considering peace to be in everyone and in everything. It`s just about how we remember it and open up for it, so that by our capabilities to connect peacefully, we build supporting spaces together.

These peaceful spaces can be installed at workplaces, transformational or creative processes, or certain communities and help the part-taking humans connect and co-create on a trustful level. They support a peaceful transition to a new understanding of WE.


Love is the ground for a peaceful journey, as it helps us find strength and orientation within ourselves and make human connection possible in the first place.

There is no peace without love.

Love helps us build self consciousness and raise consciousness for energetic connections. Love makes it possible to perceive the unvisible effects that are behind human relationships.

Love is a natural part of who we are as humans. We just need to remember it.


Diversity in its political dimension should always reflect power relations and the impact of different groups on each other. At the same time, diversity is known to be one important driver for innovative change.

I offer approaches to overcome the hindering aspects of diverse groups and of groups of different experiences and disciplines, as I consider this to be the key factor of success and peaceful co-working.

Meditation, Self Consciousness and Mindfulness, as well as consciously building peaceful spaces for co-working, dialogue and encounters are in my experience the best ways to raise trust and connection in diverse and interdisciplinary groups of people.

#New Work

New Work in its true beginning aimed to find the most natural and authentic work and live setting for each one.

In the modern use of the word New Work, self organized groups and agile process management as well as remote working teams are most commonly understood.

My experience is that in all these “new” forms of working, we humans, are mostly forgotton. Problems as the lack of trust, toxic patterns of control and misunderstandings are still huge and even become more relevant.

Therefore I like to collaborate with people offering New Work solutions in order to fill and support them with a consciousness for human connection and dynamics of togetherness.

#Soulful & Peaceful Leadership

As times get more stormy, leaders need to take over more responsibility. Not only for the numbers, for social issues, for their employees, groups on an emotional and rational level.

I am convinced that the work with groups as a leader often lacks of the understanding of all the energetic dynamics of a group.

Therefore, many leaders unconsciously create spaces that multiplicate negative emotions, divisive patterns and guide groups into backwards oriented behaviours.

Soulful Leadership and leading with love means to be conscious of these processes and to guide a group in a constructive tolerant and effective way, from heart to heart and from human to human.


We are all connected.

This sentence provokes fear and hope at the same time.

Fear, because if we consider connection the way we are used to at the moment, it is something physical, rational and emotional. No surprise, that being connected with everything can provoke fears right?

But it also provokes hope. Because feeling connected is one of our deepest human desires. If connection in its definition is allowed to rise from love, be seen as a field, a fluid network, a living and active thing, if its allowed to be bigger than emotions, bigger than experiences and expectations, bigger than humans, then connection is something holy and universal.

Something that fullfills us.  Then connection gives hope, it becomes an experience and a knowledge at the same time. Connection is where we gain force. Where limitations disappear and opportunities rise.


Community to me is a group of people that identifies in a certain kind of way. I refer to and love to build and support communities, that are open for others to join, tolerant in their views of the world and mindful in their communication and understanding.

The goal of a good community work should always be, that we can better and more peacefully live and work together as a whole society.

In order to reach this goal, it might be necessary to first connect in sub groups. At the same time I am convinced that we can only heal fully, if we allow ourselves to become whole – if we consider, love and make peace with all different aspects of society, we unite within ourselves.

Some of the companies I worked for…